photo by Jamie Siever

photo by Jamie Siever

About Audrey Amaro

 I don’t put a label on the art I make behind the camera. I’m inspired by life and all the wonderful, kismet, magical, electrifying,strange, soul crushing, heart split open  places that it takes us.  I like my photography to reflect that. If you're looking for a photographer to make everything  look perfect, I am not your girl.  I don't care if your children have matching socks for their pictures. I don't care about the fifteen pounds you "need"  to lose. I don't photoshop wrinkles, because I think they are beautiful, and you are damn lucky if you got em.  Life is quickly moving and too damn short so let’s get out there now. You are glorious just as you are.

 My goal when I make photographs  is to make images that look like the real you. The you that everyone who loves the heck out of you knows. Please show up and bring your smiles, your laughter, your funny stories. Please show up and bring your tears too. Bring all of you. Let yourself be seen. 

As for me I'm a/an :  

  • mama

  • wife

  • barista

  • avid reader

  • tattooed gal

  • owner of too many cameras

  • champion napper

  • Netflix binger

  • space nerd

  • pop culture maven

  • pastry connoiseur

  • glitter all day and every day lady

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